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Established in 1989, First IBL Modaraba (formerly First Sanaullah Modaraba) is one of the oldest, yet resilient Modarabas of the Islamic Financial sector of Pakistan. With over three decades of experience, and management consisting of expert and veteran bankers, we continue to provide Islamic Financial products to the corporate sector as well as individual consumers. Our clientele ranges from renowned Construction & Engineering Companies, Textile Companies, Power Generation Companies, Cement Manufacturing Companies, Educational Sector, Universities and Group Companies to individuals. So be it a facility for an individual, working capital for a business, house loans or term leases for vehicles and machinery, we have a specialized, customized and fulfilling - yet Islamic - product for your need. And not just that - our charges are way better than the competition, and our complete packages (including insurances and securities) will compliment your facilities in the best possible manner. Our products include Musharakah (Islamic Lending/Personal Lending), Ijarah (Lease for Vehicles/Machineries), Murabaha (Working Capital) and more..

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Principle Office:

First IBL Modaraba.
87- اورنگزیب بلاک،
نیو گارڈن ٹاؤن،
لاہور (پاکستان).

ٹیلی فون:+92(42)359 521 48-50
فیکس:+92(42)359 521 47

:رجسٹرڈ آفس

First IBL Modaraba.
1st منزل، فارچیون سینٹر، 45-A،
بلاک 6، ای سی ایچ ایس،
ایچ او شارع فیصل، کراچی
ٹیلی فون:+92 21 3432 8610
فیکس:+92 21 3432 8611

ای میل: ibl@firstibl.com

کمپنی رجسٹریشن نمبر.
(IBLMM – مینجمنٹ کمپنی): 00108900

نیشنل ٹیکس:
First IBL Modaraba (FIBLM): 2173236-1

IBL Modaraba Management (Pvt.) Limited (IBLMM): 0698271-9